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Management's role in Health informatics

#Sample College Research Paper

Technology Trends Proposal

The role of management in Health Informatics is to acquire, analyze, and protect digital and traditional medical information that is significant to providing eminence patient care. The management professionals are trained in the applications of the current information management technology and understand the workflow in the healthcare organization. They are significant to everyday operations management of electronic health records and health information.

Professionals of Health information management work in varying settings and job titles. They in many cases serve in connecting clinical, bridge roles, operational, as well as administrative functions. These professionals influence the patient information quality and patient care at all touch point s in the healthcare delivery succession. Skilled HIM professionals on the staff ensure that an organization has the required information available when it is needed while maintaining the high standards of confidentiality, data integrity, and security (Haux, 2009).
The benefits of organization that support the Health informatics

With Health Informatics, a company is able to get information of patients available to people that could be requiring it. With Health Informatics information like lab results is retrieved much faster, hence saving a lot of time and money. Health Care Organization that uses Health Informatics enjoys improved legibility of their clinical notes; access anytime is improved; duplication cases are reduced and the patients get reminders concerning their tests or preventive services whenever overdue. The organizations also get Clinical decision support that acts as a reminder to clinicians concerning patient allergies, proper dosage of drugs, among others.  Finally, the technology provides electronic problem summary lists that offer diagnoses, and surgeries at a glance.



Haux, R. (2010). "Medical informatics: Past, present, future". International journal of medical informatics 79 (9): 611- 623


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Sample #2


How did the process described in the case study fail to include the fundamental activities identified in Ch. 8 of Health Care Information Systems?     

After a thorough analysis of the case study, I noted that the process described in the case study did not utilize data dictionary which is included in chapter 8 of the Health Care Information Systems. This is a dictionary that contains terms that are described in regard to health care organization. This assists the physicians in understanding information that has been entered by either the nurses or other members of staff in the computer systems. It was clearly stated in the in the study paper that physicians experienced a hard time while trying to retrieve vital documents on patients or they spend a lot of time trying to recover the information recorded by the nurses  (Wager & Glaser, 2009). This problem resulted from nurses directly translating their hardcopy notes to the computer system. The lives of the patients by put in danger to some extent while the nurses were trying the workarounds.




Wager, K., & Glaser, J. (2009) Health care information systems. New York: Springer.



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